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Bagpipe Instruction and Performance in the Lubbock, TX area

Patrick's website dedicated to teaching Chemistry and Math more clearly can be found here: Better Ways to Teach Chemistry and Math

If you are looking for a piper for an event, Patrick McLaurin (piping since 1996), is often available both during the week and weekends; please email, call and leave a message, or text for availability using the email or phone number in the flag image above.

Pricing starts at $200 and travel outside of Lubbock requires an additional fee.

A quick video on a windy day at the cemetery in Brownfield, TX demonstrates an in tune, well maintained instrument. Keeping in mind this video was shot with an iPhone, this is a good representation of what a good piper should sound like for your event. Do not settle for poor technique played on a poorly maintained or poorly tuned bagpipe. Audio recordings of music for weddings and other events are listed below the video.

More audio samples recorded in my home studio:

Bridal Chorus

Recessional Wedding March

Lark of the Morning and King of the Pipers

Happy Birthday to You!

Please do not hesitate to request specific music for your event, but realize the highland bagpipes are limited to a single octave and thus cannot play many non-traditional tunes. I have several other bagpipes with a larger range of notes that may be able to accommodate your request.

I play several different bagpipes: Great Highland Bagpipes, Scottish Border Pipes, Scottish Smallpipes, English Border Pipes, Irish Uilleann Pipes, and Galician Gaita and can match the volume requirements to the venue in addition to a variable repertoire, be it Scottish, Irish, English, French, or Galician.

In addition to performing, I lead the Lubbock Scottish bagpipe band (Llano Estacado and District Pipe Band, LeadPb) and am a member of the English border bagpipe ensemble (Caprock English Bagpipe Consort, CEBC).

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