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Click HERE to access a beta BMW to ABC translation tool which produces cleaner output by reducing the number of numbers used in the output that denote note length. Always a work in progress! The most recent bug fixed is that some note lengths weren't being updated for when Breton notation was requested.

BMW stands for Bagpipe Music Writer. The ABC output is how I would write the ABC code.

Check out Andrew Lenz's site for a helpful tutorial on using ABC for bagpipes.

Mandolintab.net is a great all in one site for creating PDF, MIDI, etc. from ABC and also transposing between keys.

And HERE is a quick reference website for all your basic info on ABC syntax.

Concertina.net is a less powerful ABC to JPEG and PDF graphical conversion and a MIDI sound file. Add "%%landscape yes" to the top of your abc code if you want this site to give you landscape output. Click here for more abc2ps commands that can be placed into the abc code.

Jens Wollschlager's ABC-Transposer is a less powerful tool to transpose to other keys.

Click HERE to access the older version of BMW to ABC translation tool. Not actively being developed.