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Since November 2023, the contents of the Pekaar Encyclopedia has been kept up to date by users. Thanks go to the following contributors:
Thomas MacKenzie Arnold (books 511-552)
John McCain (books 499-510)
Calum Galleitch (additions and book 498)
William Magnaldo (data verification)

Below is the text that accompanies the tune encyclopedia created by Bob Pekaar.
It was originally printed as a book and was Published by Scotts Highland Services.
Bob has made it publicly available here on my site for all to use, freely.

An Encyclopedia of Tunes for the Great Highland Bagpipe

Compiled by Robert L. Pekaar

5th Edition

This encyclopedia is dedicated to the memory of the late Alex Duthart. It might seem odd that a text concerning piping music is dedicated to a drummer, however, one must have known Alex to appreciate this fact. I must also express my appreciation to my late wife, Ann, who did not understand this endeavor during her short lifetime, but has perservered my nights on the computer.

Collectors Sources for out of print books:

Scotpress, Unicorn Ltd., Inc., P.O. Box 397, Bruceton Mills, WV 26525 U.S.A. (reprints)

Larry Hutchison, 27 Albany Street, Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland KY12 0QZ (originals; catalogue available; want lists accepted)

Scott's Highland Services, Ltd., 143 Stronach Cres., London, Ontario, Canada N5V 3G5; Fax: 519-453-6303; Phone: 519-453-0892; email: scotts@scottshighland.com

About the Compiler

Dr. Pekaar began piping at the age of 26. This endeavor lasted only six months, being interrupted by entry into medical school. The Henderson pipes assumed a resting place in a dark closet for fourteen years. Their resurrection took place at the urging of friends interested in piping. Since that time he has worked under the tutelage of James McIntosh, M.B.E., Murray Henderson, Mike Cusak and other fine instructiors. Music book collecting, and later, computers, became complementary interests and resulted in the book. Dr. Pekaar is a practicing cardiologist in Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.A.

The compiler would like to express his gratitude to Jerry Finegan of Atlanta for supplying some of the older books for inclusion and to fellow book collectors John McLaughlin of Duluth, Minnesota, Dave Morgan of Rome, New York, Jim Scott (Scott's Highland Services) and Joe Stapleton of Norton, Massachusetts, for their encouragement in this ongoing endeavor.

No royalties are received by the author from the publication of this book. It started out as a personal list of tunes and ended up as this volume. This book is published as an ongoing project for pipers and drummers as a means of locating tunes. Any correction or omissions can be sent to me through the publisher.

Bob Pekaar