February 2020 Tune of the Month: Clachnaharry

I was looking for a new competition strathspey for a grade 3 player and found Clachnaharry in The Cabar Feidh Collection, Pipe Music Of The Queen’s Own Highlanders (Seaforth And Camerons) page 162 by PM Jack Chisholm. It’s undoubtedly under copyright so I cannot share the music with you but I would seek out the book as it is a good resource. The tune has no birls, though a plethora of taorluaths will keep you well practiced, though none are cumbersome: A to A and B to B.

Clachnaharry – played slower

Clachnaharry – played faster

The Doune of Invernochty and Highland Harry are two other competition strathspeys I’ve recommended for either their ease of technique or ease of finding the strathspey rhythm, respectively.

January 2020 Tune of the Month: The Big Rab Show + Ackland 466 Hz, Bb drone reeds

Eric E. Evenhuis wrote a tune for The Big Rab Show. They put out a call on Facebook for someone to record the tune. So I “took up the challenge” with my Hendersons featuring Ackland Bb drone reeds. My chanter isn’t quite Bb / 466 Hz, more around the low 470s, but my Bb chanter is out on loan right now. I think the drones sound quite nice. Also very stable.

The Big Rab Show by Eric E. Evenhuis – pdf of sheet music

The Big Rab Show

Edit (2020-01-29): Someone asked me how these reeds work in David Glen bagpipes, both of us having noted in the past that D. Glen drones can be a little reed picky. Conclusion: Ackland 466 reeds, and therefore Ackland 440 and 480 reeds also because reed length is the only difference, work great in D. Glen drones. Here’s a 30 minute practice session. I think I’ll leave them in. I’ve left the entire practice session intact for transparency; I think I made a goof in every selection anyway. You get to hear me tune too, muahahahahahahahahhaha.

Whole Session