Back to my solo pipe!

Well, during the drone optimization party referenced two posts below this one, I switched back to Kinnaird tenors and a Wygent bass, but the Wygent bass was being temperamental and making tuning my E really hard, so I went with an all Kinnaird set up. I think this Wygent bass reed is just worn out, it’s really old. As usual, a blackwood Colin Kyo chanter with Gilmour reed backed by a magnificent stand of Tim Gellaitry blackwood drones. PURE MAGIC, I say.

74th’s Slow March, Scarce O’ Tatties, Queen of the Rushes, and Fraher’s Jig

I was about to put them away when I felt compelled to play this tune, so the first part is me putting the chanter in the right spot, if you were wondering.

Bessie McIntyre