1985ish Naill drones + Colin Kyo chanter

Edit: These pipes are currently for sale. They’ve got a bag, drone reeds, drone cords, and a matching Naill chanter to go with it. The chanter has a matching sole and is carved. The mounts have turned orange and the metal needs polishing – ferrules and slides. I’ll get a new post up soon with pictures and sound files of what the pipe will be supplied with. Of course, if you don’t want some of the things for a lower cost, they can be removed/subtracted. I think we’ve settled on $900 + shipping/insurance. But email or call to confirm/negotiate. Offers considered.

Here I have for your listening endurement (I sorta messed up the recording [a bit drone heavy], I think the bass drone was sitting right in front of the mic) enjoyment some 4 parted 6/8 jigs. The Naill drone sound is so distinctive it caught me off guard and I forgot about the mic, that and I wasn’t playing too shabby, oh well. I talk a bit at first and fiddle about during the set, but if the pipes are still going there’s more tunes to hear. You’ll know the end as you’ll hear the owner of the pipes ask a question. :o) This recording probably shouldn’t be relied upon for determining what Naill drones sound like. Enough talk…or not! Turns out my iPhone headphones don’t work at all in my iBook G4, so the recording sounded terrible, through my headphones. So, now that I’m listening to it on my iPhone it sounds great! Yes, this is exactly what the Naill’s sounded like.

Alan MacPherson of Mosspark, Herring Wife, Braes of Mellinish, Troy’s Wedding, Biddy from Sligo, and Donella Beaton

Click here if you can’t get it loud enough:

Alan MacPherson of Mosspark, Herring Wife, Braes of Mellinish, Troy’s Wedding, Biddy from Sligo, and Donella Beaton

P.S. Wygent tenor drone reeds. I’ll tell you the name of the bass if it’s okay with him.

7 thoughts on “1985ish Naill drones + Colin Kyo chanter

  1. I am playing a Secret Bass too and while some say it can’t be done, I am “hooked on the sonics” created by my bass drone. :grin:

  2. Boy.. those 1987 Naill drones sound like a bunch of angry bees. It’s certainly not a mellow sound, but it’s not what I would call “bad”…

  3. My bass tunes much higher and rarely ever shuts off. Takes a “little” more air than the MG bass I had, but once you get used to it, it’s easy to play with :mrgreen:

  4. And gee Patrick you play jigs that I absolutely love. Every single one of them. Only one I need to commit to memory is the Biddy.

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