I Love Gellaitry Bagpipes

I had a lot of fun playing random stuff yesterday. I hope you enjoy listening in on my jams:

Galician, Irish, Scottish Set: Muineira de Casu, Kitty Lie Over, & Rory Gallagher

The best 6/8 march ever followed by one I don’t remember very well: Leaving Port Askaig & Farewell to the Creeks

The grooviest tune I know followed by the second grooviest I don’t quite know: Pressed for Time & The High Drive

Ain’t no sissy Rakes around here: Rakes of Kildare, Snuff Wife, Thief of Lochaber, & The Hen’s March

6 thoughts on “I Love Gellaitry Bagpipes

  1. PMac
    Your posts and recordings are always so enjoyable and informative.
    Talent and intellect are obvious.
    The willingness to think is essential for a life well lived.
    Good to see and hear you are always fiully alive and engaged.
    Being your neighbor and friend must be so invigorating.
    With the pressures of life bearing down,
    You posts are always welcome,

  2. I agree with Mike,
    I always enjoy your posts and demos.

    & those Gallaitry pipes do have a beautiful sound.

    Are the drones big bore like the vintage bug bore Henderson pipes?
    &. what reeds are You using in this set?
    Kind Regards ;P

  3. One more question, please,,,
    Did You make a YouTube video playing
    Pressed For Time & Tge Highdrive on the Gellaitry pipes?

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