Glencoe going again!!!

Over the last year I’ve had stability issues with my Glencoe pipes. Amazing how much life a bag seasoning (Airtight) and a new set of reeds will give. No stability problems now. Here they are with Canning drone reeds (carbon fiber bass) and my Gellaitry’s Colin Kyo chanter with Shawn Husk chanter reed. I think I need to just face the recorder head on as there’s a bit too much drone in all of these. 2 of them have the recorder on my tenor side (left) and one it is on my bass side (right). Any talking or door slamming you hear is courtesy my 3 year old son, Elliott, who is about as clueless as a hammer.

Sandy’s New Chanter, Mark Sheridan, and Angus MacKenzie of Dumbarton – tenor side

Sleep Dearie Sleep, Borve Lorry S&R, Sleepy Maggie, Dancing Feet – tenor side

Snuff Wife, Thief of Lochaber, and Kenneth MacDonald’s Jig – bass side

I’ve got the G1 chanter in and have been playing it a little bit at band practice and here at home. Giving it a few days before I come to any major conclusions but be on the look out!

4 thoughts on “Glencoe going again!!!

  1. I think “The Tourist” is “Sandy’s New Chanter”

    Thanks for the post. I enjoyed the recordings.

  2. Ah crap, I got the names mixed up. Thanks!

    Yes, I very much like the tone of the Glencoe drones with Cannings. Will try Omegas now courtesy of David. Though he recommends Selbie tenors as we had before. So some experimenting to do. I’d like to throw these Cannings in the Colin Kyo again too, I loved that tone. The steadiness experienced here though is a big draw!

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