Center + Colin Kyo drone reeds

3/4 John Center ca. 1900 bagpipe made of Cocus wood. Colin Kyo drone reeds. Note that at one point I shut the middle tenor off with my finger and then promptly reduced the pressure to let it come back in. I walk around.


As a personal comment, these drones are very bright but not brassy. Great drone reeds for a mere $68 (at the time of purchase). If I buy another set of drone reeds, it will be these for my Henderson pipes too!


One thought on “Center + Colin Kyo drone reeds

  1. Hi Patrick,

    Your set sounds very with the Colin Kyo reeds. I also play a J. Center set (also from 1900), and the sound is not that far. For mine, full eezedrone is the best synthetic. I think you should try cane (not easy to find good ones but you’ll get much more pleasure).

    All the best.

    Erwan (Versailles-France)

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