Brownwood Gellaitry bagpipes (and a cold)

Let’s get straight to the point: listening to these Gellaitry bagpipes made of brownwood. I’ve got a cold at the moment and these were made after telling a few students they totally missed their finally exam out of negligence so, let’s just say I wasn’t feeling so great. After a botched set of jigs and a big MSR, this is what I ended up with:

Fair Maid, Swallow’s Tail, Gravel Walk, Hen Wife’s Daughter, and Lady Doll Sinclair

Wee Michael’s March and Mason’s Apron

The Quaker and Ellenor

Murdo’s Wedding, Flett from Flotta, Lord Lovat’s Lament, and Rowan Tree

Colin Kyo chanter, Kinnaird drone reeds (really want to try Selbie!), Husk chanter reed, Gannaway bag.

2 thoughts on “Brownwood Gellaitry bagpipes (and a cold)

  1. Hullo, Patrick. What in the world is brownwood? If Gallaitry is making pipes from it, it must be fantastic stuff.
    PS: Don’t suppose you’d have any interest in a set of Kyo pipes?

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