Jeffers Bagpipe – playing with bass drone reeds

Howdy ho my peoples. My last post from yesterday was short and sweet so this one is long and sour, maybe? My Selbie bass has a bridle so loose I would not be surprised if it is sliding during playing. So, I figured I’d putter around with some other bass drone reeds. Leave a comment if you’d like indicating your favorite or what you thought didn’t sound so good. I think the Selbie is still the best. Colin Kyo was good though, my only quibble is it being high on the pin. The regular ole Ezeedrone just didn’t seem to settle. The Henderson Harmonic Deluxe didn’t work at all so there is no recording. The Crozier glass was really buzzy. The Crozier carbon quiet, as usual. The Rocket that makes my MacPherson bass sing, sucks air in this pipe like no other. So, Selbie it is! Selbie tenors in all the recordings below, and I forgot to mention that’s a Colin Kyo chanter and Husk reed, same for the previous post. Presented in chronological order and I’m going to be really lazy today, given the volume of recordings, and not beautify the track lists. Recorded in the bedroom today so you get to hear them from many angles.

Selbie bass:

01-74ths_farewell_to_edinburgh (I still suck at B taorluaths)

02-donald_macleans_farewell_to_oban (I still round off the quarter C doublings)

03-74ths_slow_march-some_march-pipers_prelude (E grace notes on D are killing me)

04-humours_of_ballyloughlin (this tune has been trying to get on the blog forever, so I finally caved)

Colin Kyo bass: 05-highland_wedding-susan_macleod-bessie_mcintyre (meh)

Crozier Glass: 06-kalabakan-famous_bridge-big_yin-donald_macleod (buzzzzzzz)

Ezeedrone: 07-going_home-sleepy_maggie_x2-dick_gossips-dancing_feet (yeah, I dunno)

Crozier Carbon: 08-scarce_o_tatties-queen_of_the_rushes-frahers_jig (no I didn’t barf)

Rocket: 09-waltz-gravel_walk-korgi (guess I didn’t remember that one tune eh?)

4 thoughts on “Jeffers Bagpipe – playing with bass drone reeds

  1. -The Selbie seems to pair up nicely to your chanter. Nice integration.
    -Ezee was kind of a generic McPiping tone. Upsize those fries?
    -Crozier glass is an old timey fuzzy bass tone. I like it…..but I’m biased on that one.
    -Crozier carbon……did you have the B-drone corked?
    The Kyo and the Rocket….didn’t convince….but it really does sound like a nice pipe….splitting hairs here I think.
    Have you found out what he’d sell a stand of those for?

  2. Hey Sean,
    Keith responded to the next previous thread and listed his email. Give him a shout.

    I didn’t even think about that. When I have time, I’m going to try the Kinnaird bass again (but record it this time) and look at some different tenor reeds as well. However, I thought the Kinnaird tenors were a bit on the mild side volume wise which is why I’ve stuck with Selbie for the time being, as they are bold tenor reeds. So, all Canning will probably be next! Anybody got a set of MacDougall Rockets I can try? :o)

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