Aggie War Hymn and Happy Birthday!!!

Despite the fact that I received my Ph.D. in chemistry from Texas Tech University in 2011 and that my sister and brother-in-law both obtained their bachelors degrees from Tech, and my wife got her M.D. at TTUHSC, I caved and arranged a version of the Texas A&M Aggie War Hymn for a friend upon request. It actually fits on the pipes pretty well, except for a pesky D# which is really hard to cross finger, so we fudge a couple other notes to make it sound right, and the last few bars, or ten, are missing entirely because that part of the tune requires all kinds of notes the pipes don’t have. So this is for Braxton and ALL my cousins who went through the A&M system, both on my mother and father’s side of the family. Now if Tech would pony up a give me the sheet music to ours! That’s right, no midi of the Tech fight song anywhere to be found.

Aggie War Hymn

And, I figured I’d record Happy Birthday, as I’ve always wanted to post a recording of Happy Birthday on people’s Facebook wall, for something unique other than, “Happy Birthday ______!!!” So, here is the version you can find on my main website.

Happy Birthday!!!

4 thoughts on “Aggie War Hymn and Happy Birthday!!!

  1. Good stuf, Patrick. How do you get your CK chanter to sound so bowld? For some reason, the reed I’m using is a bit choked on the top hand but B, LowA, and LowG are electricly powered. I suppose that Gilmoure reeds have an influence on that factor. We’ll see how this reed from Murray Huggins works out.

  2. OK Patrick. After hearing your professional version of the the Aggie War Hymn, I’ll gut up and try to play the B doublings. However, and I’m just saying’, a version of your sheet music may have gone out to our quartet with the doublings whited out. I might call it the “old Ags” version, ahhh if it went out there of course… A big thanks for taking this on. It’s by far and away the best bagpipe (only) version out there.

  3. thanks for your birthday wishes to my wifeANGELA,i have signed up to your blog and look forward to reading the posts! i am a piper myself, but could not now manage the AGGIE WAR HYMN,as i have arthritic fingers and 62 years old would find it hard going!

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