PC reeds and Recording Stuff

3 things:

1. Practice chanter reeds. Sometimes we just have to settle for playing the practice chanter. The Naill pc I won the other day came from the COP with a Caberfeidh pc reed. It is red and it sounds nice. It has a smoother tone than your average Walsh reed and while only slightly harder to blow, doesn’t come anywhere near what pressure is required for your average Gibson/Abbott reed. It is also flatter than the Walsh pc reed by a bit. Here’s a recording of the Naill pc Caberfeidh reed first, followed by a new longer bladed Walsh reed, and finally an older, well broken in Walsh reed that has smaller blades than the new variety.

PC reeds recording

2. Do not use variable bit rate MP3 recording mode on your Zoom H2. It will sound bad. MP3 320 kbps for me now! Case in point:

Arthur Bignold of Lochrosque, Highland Harry, Bessie McIntyre

3. I know a couple of people working on various electronic bagpipe projects so here is a recording of drones and chanter separate. I played a bit, got them all in tune, then plugged the chanter with that Kinnaird plug thingie and played the drones and then popped off the drones and played the chanter, all without stopping. Take samples toward the end of each note on the chanter because I took a breath at each switch and I’m not the steadiest blower, except for E as it’s a tiny bit flat, take the front end of that note (my bad). It’s a big file and unedited, have fun!

Drones then chanter .wav file

In case you’re wondering, they’re my Gellaitry’s with Colin Kyo chanter.

2 thoughts on “PC reeds and Recording Stuff

  1. Patrick,
    I’m just loving this blog. You put so much work into it and you fill it with so much good info. I actually think you are helping me to become a better piper…I thank you for that!
    A week or so ago I wrote you and asked a question about drones which was based on an enterey that you made on your blog of comparing sounds of different drones made by different people. What you suggested I ordered and they came on Saturday. I have not gotten around to putting them in and sounding them which I will do maybe tomorrow afternoon. They seem ti look well made and as you said the price was outstanding. Thanks for the advice and I’ll let you know how they work.
    Now for this blog entery that you have posted. I tend to like the sounf of the reed. I guess I just like a mellow reed for practice. I have used many and some are real nice but a little harder to activate (blow) and a few just trash. This one I think is one I’m going to have a go at and if it sound like what you posted and if it is easier to blow , it’ll be a keeper for me.Thanks for posting the sound bites.
    Mike ( in the land of high taxes,,,, NY)

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