Okay Okay, MacPherson’s with Ezeedrone reeds already

I got a lot of comments about the last big post and a bunch of people keep telling me Ezeedrone reeds would sound great. So, I put them in and here are a couple of recordings. Before we get to that though, I’d like to note a few things. I think they are very finicky and hard to lock-in. I’ve got both tenors set to shut off when over blown. I’ve spent more time with these than any other commercially available set and it just drives me nuts how long it takes me to tune them. I’m going to have to modify the hemp job on the pipes to make micrometer movements of the drones easier. I’ll also note that I am not the steadiest blower. You’ll notice at the end of each recording I hit low A, squeeze the bag a little, but obviously not up to pressure, because the drones sound out of tune. I think they sound fine during the playing and even at the beginning of the Kalabakan set I sit on low A before starting and it sounds reasonable, but as I let the pressure drop their pitch changes drastically, which is part of them problem I have with tuning them: I can’t blow rock steady, yet. So I’m on the fence, they have a nice sound, but I need something that doesn’t respond to minute pressure variations and tunes quickly. Though, you can really here them ring on the strathspey/reel set. To not bore you to death I picked some tunes I haven’t played in a while, ze chunes:

Kalabakan and Famous Bridge

Orange and Blue, Conway’s Farewell, Kelsey’s Wee Reel

4 thoughts on “Okay Okay, MacPherson’s with Ezeedrone reeds already

  1. I deffanetly thought the ackland set up or the ackland tenors with crozier glass bass sounded just wonderful. Those ackland reeds and that kyo chanter just “sang” in harmony together.I want some for my new ck3’s.

  2. so many sounds, so manny choices …what’s a body to do? On the last entry you made with thechoices I narrowed it down to 3 but I think I just like a more mellow sort of sound. Perhaps it’s me age starting to show with my hearing ( way too many years standing in front of heavy rock bands) who knows.
    Now for your playing, I found it all very nice and for a lad in Texas you have quick fingers. I think you executed all chuns very well. It was apleasure lendingan ear ( I do hope it was my good ear).

  3. Very good playing, good exicution, lovely sounds, and over all, good variety of tunes. Move the bridles down on one of the tennors of the Ezeedrones, it squeels when you strike in. They will be more efficient that way, I’ve got em in the tennors of my Dunbars now.

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