My last few sets in Houston, whew!

Not a whole lot to this post. As with the previous post, I’m featuring videos recorded in Houston that I’ve posted to YouTube. I think sometimes I over use tunes a bit on this blog so I’m trying to reach around for some stuff I haven’t played in a while, which necessitates that I make mistakes. As usual, Gellaitry pipes, Colin Kyo pipe chanter, Kinnaird drone reeds, and a Gilmour chanter reed. Maybe you’ll find a tune you like?

74th’s Farewell to Edinburgh, The Rock, Scotsaire Hornpipe, Old Chanter

Balmoral Castle, Couple Strathspeys, Iron Man, Lady Doll Sinclair (the last one is a finger twister!)

Rocking the Baby, The Panda, Rob’s Shower Shabang

Sleep Dearie Sleep, Empty Quiver, Hilton McLaurin’s Jig, Latisha McLaurin (last three are my compositions and can be found here)