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Inveran Chanter + new drone reed combo

This post addresses several things: 1. Inveran chanter 2. Drone reeds in my 1950ish Henderson’s 3. Effect of easy chanter reed on my left ring/pinkie fingers and that mess.

1. I’ve got an easy reed in this Inveran chanter, very easy. My non-piping wife got a few seconds out of it with all drones going. The whole top hand is sharp relative to high A. I thought, dang. So, I tried a bunch of reeds; straight cut, ridge cut; dry, soaked in water: no change. The high G is half covered with tape. So, I don’t know. It’s a great sounding chanter despite all the tape, as it suffers no ill effect as far as I can tell, except that for some reeds, the amount of tape on high G can make finding the sweet spot difficult. Not so with this reed though. Note that the little chirps that occur on high G grace notes to/on low G are a result of the easy strength of the reed.

2. Redwood tenor and Colin Kyo bass drone reeds in my 1950ish Hendersons. I like! More stable than my previous setup.

3. Because this reed is so easy, I found I could relax more which helped with my E grace note problem, but as the set progresses the problem rears its little ugly head more and more. Bleh…

David Crosbie Miller, Battle of Waterloo, and 51st Highland Division

The kids were asleep so this was recorded not in the bedroom, as usual, but in our walk-in closet, hence the bigger chanter sound relative to the drones compared to the recordings directly below.

Inveran Chanter, first test drive

I figured Inveran should be the next chanter I add to my modern chanter review. I haven’t yet because I need to make sure something is a reed issue and not a chanter issue before I make a final verdict. Right now, I’ve quite a bit of tape on high G and it’s making it difficult to settle the note, so hopefully this reed is just ill-suited. The reed required some tape on the McC2 as well, so this is probably the case. Below you’ll find recordings of it using that same reed as the Gael/McC2 comparison earlier, again recorded in Marr bagpipes with Redwood tenor and Selbie bass drone reeds and also in my 1950’s Henderson’s which are giving me fits at the moment, but they always have, though intermittently. I’ve got a synthetic bag on them now and I’m wondering if that’s the issue, so I’ll have to hemp them up for my Gannaway and see if they still do their weird thing. Crozier Cane tenor and Ezeedrone bass drone reeds in there right now. You’ll have to cut me a little slack, I gave blood on Wednesday, and the second recording was after a picnic where I wore myself out, I think I cough in the recording too, oops. Oh yeah, the chanter is poly, and it arrived in the mail today! It is Inveran’s new Donaldson Master chanter.

Marr – Swallow’s Tail and Rakish Paddy

Henderson – Swallow’s Tail and Rakish Paddy