Monthly Archives: November 2010

Dunbar drones with different reeds

Per a request, I’ve recorded Donald MacLean’s Farewell to Oban 3 times, each with a different set of drone reeds: Ezee, Selbie, and Wygent. I’m facing away from the microphone so the drones can be heard more clearly. Tuning isn’t perfect as I didn’t have a whole lot of time to perfect the chanter and the drone reeds were being swapped in and out so I didn’t get to optimize them much either. For what it worth:

With Ezee drone reeds

With Selbie drone reeds

With Wygent drone reeds

Dunbar drones, MacLellan chanter, Ezee drone reeds, Gilmour chanter reed

A few tunes on my poly Dunbars, with maple Dunbar stocks, on an L&M bag, with a blackwood MacLellan chanter, Ezee drone reeds, and a heavily shaved Gilmour chanter reed. E is a teeny bit flat but it comes in a bit, low A goes sharp toward the last one. Enjoy!

Unst Bridal March, David Crosbie Miller, Battle of Waterloo, 51st Highland Division

Rocking the Baby, Clumsy Lover Jig, Troy’s Wedding

The Rock, Hollerin’ for Haggis – by Jimmy Mitchell and Tom Campbell, two Texas pipers