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1 Smallpipe + 3 Fiddles

I had a few friends over the other night. Thomas Seaquist, Laura Felton, and Corey Green, all fiddle players, came over to the house to play some tunes. I, unknown to them until the end, recorded some of our tunes together. You can sort of hear me, 1 smallpipe isn’t louder than 3 fiddles, but I’m audible. Us being in tune doesn’t hurt the blend either!

The London Bridge Polka (no idea what the real name is) London Bridge mp3

Dinky Dorian’s + Dick Gossip’s Reel Dinky Dorian’s + Dick Gossip’s mp3

High Reel + The Congress (I messed up the end) High Reel + Congress mp3

I play a Ray Hughes smallpipe, in the key of A. Check out Ray’s website.

Toodles, Patrick

What Grade should I compete in?

I’m thinking about competing in 2009. What grade should I register in? Yes I know, I need to practice more, a lot more. Especially E grace notes. These are not my competition tunes, just ones I thought to play today.

Major Manson\’s farewell to Clachantrushal

Dora MacLeod

Charlie\’s Welcome

The Sweet Maid of Mull & Bruce Gandy\’s Farewell to the Iron Horse

Kantara to El Arish

Technical Specifications:


1950’s Hendersons

Selbie Drone Reeds

Poly Oval Hole McCallum Chanter

Unknown Chanter Reed

Recording Device:

Zoom H2

Recording Location:



Patrick McLaurin