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Title Composer Book Number Page Number Tune Type Time Signature Number of Parts Book Info Errata
Wings - HARMONYJanette Montague0OnlineM4/42; Jim McGillivray; Access to tune requires purchase.-
Wingstrad0OnlineM4/42; Jim McGillivray; Access to tune requires purchase.-
Wings10000-M4/42Patrick McLaurin's website-
WingsNot listed15418M4/42 The Saturday Night Piper, Book Two; A Collection Of Music For The Highland Bagpipe, Pipe Major Angus Ironside, 146 S.W. 152nd Street, Seattle, Washington 98166-
WingsNot listed198-M4/42 Selected Reprints Of The British Army School Of Piping, Edinburgh; Marches, Slow Marches, Airs & Retreats; Hebridean Ventures, Don McLeod-
Wings (with harmony)Traditional30846M4/42 Highland Harmonies, Book One; Don Bishop; published by Brian Richardson, Aurora, Ontario-
WingsTraditional32656M4/42 The Piper's Primer; Russ Spaulding, Bagpipes Unlimited, 249 Barnes Road, Lookout Mountain, GA 30750 1999-
WingsNot Listed341-M4/42 Pipe Teacher's Assistant, Volume One, Burt Mitchell; Burt Mitchell Music 1997 (CD available)-
Battered WingsQuinn, Adam35618R2/22 Quinnmusic Collection, Compiled By Adam Quinn, October 2003-
WingsTraditional3738M4/42 The United States Bicentennial Collection Of Bagpipe Music, Volume 1, The Piper's Companion, Compiled By Donald Varella; The Piping Press, 1471 Baldwin Avenue, Pontiac, Michigan 48055-
Ewings Of Lochiel, TheMacDowell, Angus J.40315M4/42 The Thistle Amongst The Lilies, A collection Of Original Compositions By Montreal Pipers For the Great Highland Bagpipe; Compiled And Composed By Jeff McCarthy;
WingsNot listed5724M4/42 Scots Guards Standard Settings Of Pipe Music, Volume II; Paterson's Publications Ltd., 38 Wigmore Street, London W1H OEX-