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Title Composer Book Number Page Number Tune Type Time Signature Number of Parts Book Info Errata
Major Brown10004OnlineSM--The Brigade Book of Irish Pipe Music

Pipe Major Robert Brown's Farewell To Ballochbuie ForestNicol, Robert B., P. M.1291,11M2/44 The International Piper; Published By The International Piper Ltd.; John A. And Christine M. MacLellan, Editors; 14 Dean Park Crescent, Edinburgh EH4 1PH please note that under "Page", the Volume number is listed first, followed by the Issue number. If the issue number is 1 digit, it will appear as "43,3"; if the issue number is two digits, it will appear as "4310". In the latter case, the first 2 digits are the Volume number and the second two are the issue number.-
Pipe Major R. U. Brown's Welcome To CanadaMatheson, John A.318M2/44 Pipe Major Donald MacLeod's Collection Of Music For The Highland Bagpipe, Book 3; Pipe Major Donald MacLeod, 44 Cardonald Gardens, Glasgow G52 3PG (Cannon 383)-
Pipe Major Bob Brown's Farewell To BallochbuieNicol. P.M. Robert B.420112M2/42Scots Guards- Standard Settings Of Pipe Music, Volume III; Compiled By Brigadier Harry Nickerson-
Pipe Major Bob Brown's Farewell To The BallochbuieNicol, Robert B.468172M2/44The Caledonian Collection Of Highland Bagpipe 2/4 Competition Pipe Marches; Book 2; Compiled And Edited By Bruce Campbell; The Susan Campbell Memorial Collection 2014-
Pipe Major Bob Brown's Farewell To The BallochbuieNicol, Robert B., P. M.5932M2/44 The Gordon Highlanders, Pipe Music Collection, Volume I; Paterson's Publications Ltd., 38 Wigmore Street, London W1h OEX Tel: 01-935-3551-