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Title Composer Book Number Page Number Tune Type Time Signature Number of Parts Book Info Errata
Irish Washerwoman, TheMackie, D. C. (Arr.)10055J6/82 Queensland Highland Piper's Society, Collection Of Highland Bagpipe Music, Volume 1-
Irish Washerwoman,The10004OnlineJ--The Brigade Book of Irish Pipe Music

Irish Washerwoman, The10016OnlineJ--The Edinburgh Collection of Highland Bagpipe Music

Irish Washerwoman, TheNot listed10465J6/82 The Brigade Book Of Irish Pipe Music, Pipe Major Dargan and Mr. P. G. McGirr, Brigade Pipe School, Armagh 1949-
Irish Washerwoman, TheGillies, N., P.M. (Arr.)10737J6/84 Contemporary And Traditional Music For The Highland Bagpipe, Bruce Gandy; Maestro Laser, Box 352, Station Q, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4T 2M5 1989 Scott's Highland Services Ltd.,143 Stronach Crescent, London Ontario N5V 3G5-
Irish Washerwoman, TheNot listed125c20J6/82 The Edinburgh Collection Of Highland Bagpipe Music, Part 3, David Glen & Sons, 8 Greenside Place, Edinburgh-
Irish Washerwoman, TheNot listed15632M/J6/82 McCullough's Irish Warpipe Tutor and Tune Book; McCullough's Limited, Dublin and Belfast (Cannon 505 ii)-
Irish Washerwoman, TheTrad. (Spaulding 3 & 4)173100J6/84 The Spaulding Collection, "Something Old, Something New", 213 Tunes For The Highland Bagpipe, Russ Spaulding; Bagpipes Unlimited, 1994-
Irish Washerwoman, TheWilson, John, P. M. Arr.19025J6/84 A High Cut Above, Music For Highland Dancing, The Simon Fraser University Pipe Band-
Irish Washerwoman, TheTraditional19150J6/82 The Cape Breton Collection Of Bagpipe Music, Collected Compiled And Arranged By Barry W. Shears; Taigh a' Chiuil, The House Of Music, P.O. Box 31149, Robie R.P.O., Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada B3K 5T9 1995-
Irish Washerwoman, TheArr. by John Recknagel20018J6/86 The Dance Pipers Helper; Music For Highland And National Dances; John Recknagel, 4046 Brymond Ct., Tucker, GA 3008 Piobaireachd: (201 through 300 reserved for Piobaireachd)-
Irish Washerwoman, TheWilson, J. (Arr./Comp.)2646J6/84 John Wilson's Collection Of Highland Bagpipe Music, Book 1; John Wilson, 122 Johnston Avenue, Willowdale, Ontario, Canada (Cannon 364 iii)-
Irish WasherwomanCairns, A. M.,P.M.(Arr.)30765J6/84 Pipe Music Book One; Composed, Arranged and Compiled by Major Archie Cairns, M.M.M., C.D.; Scott's Highland Services, Ltd., London, Ontario, Canada 1996-
Irish Washerwoman, TheTraditional32673J6/82 The Piper's Primer; Russ Spaulding, Bagpipes Unlimited, 249 Barnes Road, Lookout Mountain, GA 30750 1999-
Irish Washerwoman, TheTraditional36038HP2/44 Boney Music, Book 1, Tunes For The Great Highland Bagpipe By: Andrew Bonar, Colin Clansey, Patrick Napper & More; Samco Printers-
Irish Washerwoman, TheMacleod, Angus (Arr.)39234J6/84 Dundee, Skye And Jersey, Family Compositions: Ian Macleod (includes CD)-
Irish Washerwoman, TheMacLeod,P.M. D. (Arr.)40054Hp2/44 Along The Road, A Collection Of Music For The Highland Bagpipe; Iain MacDonald, Regina, Saskatchewan 2008-
Irish Washerwoman, TheWilson, Joe (Arr.)410116J6/86 A Collection Of Mainly Traditional Music For The Bagpipe; Compiled By Pipe Major Joe Wilson; 112 Iona Way, Kirkintilloch, Glasgow G66 3PT 2010-
Irish Washerwoman, TheWilson, J., P. M. (Arr.)57141J6/84 Scots Guards Standard Settings Of Pipe Music, Volume II; Paterson's Publications Ltd., 38 Wigmore Street, London W1H OEX-
Irish Washerwoman, TheAnderson, R., P. M.(Arr.)5981J6/84 The Gordon Highlanders, Pipe Music Collection, Volume I; Paterson's Publications Ltd., 38 Wigmore Street, London W1h OEX Tel: 01-935-3551-
Irish Washerwoman, TheNot listed879J6/84 The Royal Irish Rangers Standard Settings Of Pipe Music, Paterson's Publications Ltd., 38 Wigmore Street, London W.1 (Cannon 508)-