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Title Composer Book Number Page Number Tune Type Time Signature Number of Parts Book Info Errata
Battle of Waterloo, Thetrad0OnlineM4/42; Jim McGillivray; Access to tune requires purchase.-
Battle of Waterloo, TheJ. MacKay10005OnlinePB--C. S. Thomason's Ceol Mor

The Battle of Waterloo (Blār Bhaterloo)John Mackay10009Online--A Collection of Ancient Piobaireachd or Highland Pipe Music

Battle Of Waterloo, TheMacKay, Sr., John12867/9PB4/49 Piping Times; please note that under "Page", the Volume number is listed first, followed by the Issue number. If the issue number is 1 digit, it will appear as "43,3"; if the issue number is two digits, it will appear as "4310". In the latter case, the first 2 digits are the Volume number and the second two are the issue number.-
Battle Of WaterlooTraditional (Spaulding)17347M4/42 The Spaulding Collection, "Something Old, Something New", 213 Tunes For The Highland Bagpipe, Russ Spaulding; Bagpipes Unlimited, 1994-
Battle Of Waterloo, The (Blar Bhaterloo)MacKay, Angus MS211324PB4/49 Piobaireachd, Book Eleven, The Piobaireachd Society; Bell, Aird & Coghill, Ltd., 12 York Street, Glasgow G2 8LG-
Battle Of Waterloo, TheMacKay, John 1815222272PB4/49 The Piobaireachd Of Simon Fraser With Canntaireachd, Second Edition, 1985, Compiled And Edited By Dr. B. J. Maclachlan Orme; Brown Prior Anderson Pty. Ltd., Burwood, Victoria, Australia-
Battle Of Waterloo, TheNot listed231167PB4/410 Ceol Mor, A New And Abbreviated System Of Musical Notation For The Piobaireachd As Played On The Highland Bagpipe, Major General C. S. Thomason, R.E.; E.P. Publishing Limited, British Book Centre, Inc., 1975 (Cannon 326 VI)-
Battle Of Waterloo, TheNot listed3111M4/42 Pipe Major Donald MacLeod's Collection Of Music For The Highland Bagpipe, Book 3; Pipe Major Donald MacLeod, 44 Cardonald Gardens, Glasgow G52 3PG (Cannon 383)-
Battle Of WaterlooTraditional32659M4/42 The Piper's Primer; Russ Spaulding, Bagpipes Unlimited, 249 Barnes Road, Lookout Mountain, GA 30750 1999-
Battle Of Waterloo, TheTrad.41017M4/42 A Collection Of Mainly Traditional Music For The Bagpipe; Compiled By Pipe Major Joe Wilson; 112 Iona Way, Kirkintilloch, Glasgow G66 3PT 2010-
Battle Of Waterloo, TheNot Listed41417M4/42Essential Tunes; The College Of Piping
Battle Of WaterlooJ.S.Skinner/Swan, Vickie44651BLT4/42 The Lowland And Border Pipers’ Society Suggested Duets And Harmony-
Battle Of Waterloo, TheNot Listed45217 M4/42 Essential Tunes, Book 2; A College Of Piping Publication (CD included) Dugald McNeill-
Battle Of Waterloo, TheMacLeod,Donald,P.M.(Arr)5858M4/42 The Cabar Feidh Collection, Pipe Music Of The Queen's Own Highlanders (Seaforth And Camerons); Paterson's Publications Limited, 10-12 Baches Street, London N1 6DN-