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Title Composer Book Number Page Number Tune Type Time Signature Number of Parts Book Info Errata
Abercairney Highlanders, TheNot listed11M2/44 Pipe Major William Ross's Collection Of Highland Bagpipe Music, Book 1, Paterson Publications Ltd., 36-40 Wigmore Street, London W.1 (Cannon 348 iv)-
Abercairney Highlanders10011OnlineM2/44A Collection of Pipe Music by James Bett

Abercairney Highlanders, The10019OnlineM--The Glendaruel Collection

Abercairney Highlanders10025OnlineM--Logan's Collection of Highland Bagpipe Music

Abercairney's Highlanders10037OnlineM--William Ross's Collection

Abercairney's Highlanders10037OnlineR--William Ross's Collection

Abercairney's HighlandersNot listed102154M2/44 Ross's Collection Of Pipe Music, William Ross, 1885; Reprinted By EP Publishing Limited, East Ardsley, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England 1976-
Abercairney's HighlandersNot listed102198R2/22 Ross's Collection Of Pipe Music, William Ross, 1885; Reprinted By EP Publishing Limited, East Ardsley, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England 1976-
Abercairney Highlanders' Quickstep (Ranting Highlandman)Not listed136e1M4/44 David Glen's Collection Of Highland Bagpipe Music, Fourth Part; David Glen & Sons, 8 Greenside Place, Edinburgh (Cannon 316 ix)-
Abercairney Highlanders, THeMcLachlan, John1532M2/44 Donald McPhedran's Collection Of Bagpipe Music, Part One, Compiled And Arranged By His Son, John McPhedran, Violinist, Flutist and Piper, 66 Lambhill Street, Glasgow, S.S. (Cannon 336)-
Abercairney Highlanders, TheTraditional17136J6/84 The Port City Collection, A Collection Of Music, Compiled And Collected By Andrew W. Worrall, Book One, 1994-
Abercairney HighlandersNot listed17730M2/44 A Collection Of Pipe Music, By James Bett (Cannon 328)-
Abercairney Highlanders, TheNot listed2322M2/44 The Glendaruel Collection, Bagpipe Music, Compiled By Pipe Major W. Norris, Mozart Allan, 84 Carlton Place, Glasgow C.5 (Cannon 368)-
Abercairney Highlanders, TheCampbell, Rod. (Sett.)2714M2/44 John Wilson's Collection Of Highland Bagpipe Music, Book 2; John Wilson, 122 Johnston Avenue, Willowdale, Ontario, Canada M2N 1H2 (Cannon 375 i)-
Abercairney HighlandersNicol, R.B. (Arr.)40111M2/44 Musique De Cornemuse Ecossaise, Marches, Strathspeys and Reels Competition, Jigs and Slow Airs; Versions Anciennes De R. U. Brown Et R. B. Nicol; Collectees Et Transcrites Par Jakez Pincet; Editions Ti AR Sonerien02 98 50 82 82;
Abercairney Highlanders, TheMacKay, Angus46746M2/44The Caledonian Collection Of Highland Bagpipe 2/4 Competition Pipe Marches, Book 1 The Susan Campbell Memorial Collection; Compiled And Edited By Bruce Campbell 2012-
Abercairney Highlanders, TheShears, Barry (Arr.)482137M2/43 Play It Like You Sing It; The Shears Collection Of Bagpipe Culture And Dance Music From Nova Scotia; Barry W.Shears; Bradan Press, Halifax, Nova Scotia-
Abercairney Highlanders, TheMacKay, A.698M2/44 Scots Guards Standard Setting Of Pipe Music, 1954, Paterson's Publications Ltd., 36 Wigmore Street, London W.1, 4th Edition (Cannon 374 iv)-
Abercairney HighlandersNot listed802M2/44 Logan's Complete Collection Of Highland Bagpipe Music, Tutor Number Four*-